Friday, January 06, 2006

OK folks, I'm looking for answers here, and I have a feeling there's some experts out there. So if you could leave comments after this post, it would be MUCH appreciated.

We want to get Kyle (now 21) started on Social Security disability. He refuses to go along with it, for several reasons. So, I'm addressing his concerns.

First, if (when) he's approved, what if he decides to try to work again? I am assuming he loses his disability at that point. If he only lasts a few months at his job(which is normal), does he have to completely go through the application process again? What if his job does NOT offer medical benefits? Can he keep medicare or medicaid while working that job?

Is medical and presciption (medicare or medicaid) an integral part of Social Security Disability? If he qualifies for one, does he automatically get the other?

Next, I assume his benefits are for an amount of money that depends on how much he's contributed for the last 'X' period of time. Let's say $400 a month. What if he can hold a job for a long enough time that his benefits amount could potentially rise. When he stops working after that, assuming we don't have to reapply per the question above, does the increase become automatic?

He was looking forward to a job interview today that his girlfriend lined up for him. But when we checked in on him this morning, he was gone. He was presumably partying last night. It's his normal behavior. When he's nervous about something he copes by getting so wiped out the night before he can't make his obligation the next day. So I have my doubts that he'll be able to secure a job unless we fill out the application for him, and trick him into the interview. Then he'd perform well in the interview, he always does. It's the stress leading up to that he can't handle.

Any input on the SS process would be MUCH appreciated.

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I don't know much about it, but I found this interesting link (which has further links to more details) from the Mental Health Association of Westchester about some specifics on SSD and when Medicare can begin (sometimes not until 2 years after disability starts).

My friend Danny (the link is to his blog entitled "Get Me Off This Thing!") who has bipolar disorder and is currently on SSD; you might want to look through recent archives to get some of his story. In any case, it would be useful to contact him if you feel comfortable doing so; tell him that I sent him your way.

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I believe he will loose his benefits if he gets a job.

I'm not sure about the medical insurance thing.
I would recommend calling Social Security disability. My mother is on disability due to Parkinson's, and I called them and asked tons of questions. They were so helpful and very nice.
Thanks all. I can't get Kyle to even consider it, though. He thinks he'd be giving up on himself. We have to work on his frame of mind.
My fiance currently gets a social security check each month for being bi-polar. His doctor helped with the necessary paperwork to get him qualified to recieve benefits, and they set me up as his payee (so he can't go blow the whole check himself at the casino or something). He was getting SSD as well, which is comprable, but still seperate. That was the part that was paying for his medication/doctor stuff. They cut that (when he didn't open & return a form they sent him in the mail by the deadline), so now we have it set up so they just reduce his monthly regular social security check to pay for his Medicare. He just got a job this week, so we will be going through the process of finding out exactly how much that will reduce his benefits. If you make under a certain amount (which he will, since he won't be working full time) they just reduce your benefits, not cut them completely. Whatever paperwork the doctor filled out to prove his disability to qualify him for benefits does not have to be redone, because its a life-long thing. You only have to re-do paperwork at your local social security office whenever the financial status changes.
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