Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Jon back for an update on Kyle.

His feet are not good. It's like he got a terrible burn. His toes blistered up, and are now turning into nasty looking sores. They look so painful, but Kyle says he's really not in much pain, as he still can't feel his feet. I really feel sorry for him. He will lose quite a bit of tissue, and maybe still a toe or two, and he does appear to have permanent damage.

The company he was working for, and their insurance company have been real jerks. We've been trying to find him an attorney, and can't believe some of the responses we've received. Most are telling us that we don't need an attorney to work this out with the insurance company. My brother has a friend who's a nationally known PI attorney in California, and a good portion of his work is between his clients and insurance companies. He is incredulous about this statement. He says there is NO WAY we should be advised to work directly with an insurance company, that they'll take advantage of us in any way they can. So, we're continuing on. Karen has an appointment with an attorney who first told us it's not big enough for him to take, but he developed some sympathy as he has a son the same age. He probably won't take it, but he will give us a referral and direction if he doesn't. I just hope we can give Kyle something that will make up for what he'll be losing. His hope for a military career, and the permanent damage he will sustain.

On the personal front, Kyle's still smoking and appears to still be getting high in his room. We found cigarette butts and rolling papers, and a pot stem in his room. He's not actually staying with us, but he comes and goes. After the last blow-up we had, and after the police told us if we let him back in we could be creating a tenancy with him, I drew up a document. It said he can never be at our home without one of us (Jon or Karen) home. He can't be there without being invited, and if we extend an invitation to him to stay, it can be rescinded at any time with no notice. I don't know if it will work, but it at least gives us a chance to try and care for him a little while he's hurt.

I heard a great interview on NPR's "Fresh Air" program with Carrie Fisher. She's bipolar, and I really enjoyed hearing the interview. Terry Gross is such an incredible interviewer, and it was very enlightening. If you have the chance to listen to it, it's worthwhile, especially if you have an interest in Carrie Fisher or bipolar disorder. Actually, any guest on Fresh Air is interesting...

That's all we have for now, thanks for the notes and words of encouragement.