Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I don't have time for a full update but I've gotten some emails concerned about Kyle, and we really appreciate that.

Kyle is OK, his recent injuries are not life threatening. He is looking 90% normal. He just got his hair cut and you now see the stitches on his head where they opened him up to put in his plates, and it's a grim reminder of how lucky he was.

He has moved all his stuff out of his apartment and back into our basement. This was unexpected, and not entirely welcome. He's not planning on going back, and we weren't planning on having him living with us. He's a joy to have around, but he's drinking very heavily, and we just can't tolerate this.

Karen is struggling to get him through the public assistance tangle, and Kyle's not helping much. He doesn't answer the phone when they call, and doesn't call them back. So we may not be able to do much for him.

But we HAVE to. He can't live with us forever.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Karen and I went to a NAMI meeting last night. After hearing some of the issues parents are having with schizophrenic kids, I walked away feeling pretty lucky.

But we walked away with a fundamental disagreement about Kyle's future. We learned about medicaid, SSI, and disability. Karen wants to immediately start the public assistance process for Kyle. I disagree, I feel once he's on the books he's SEVERELY limited his future. I want him to consider the armed forces. I think this is a possibility of something that can teach him enough discipline to allow him to live a mostly normal life in the future. I realize there's risks, a dishonorable discharge would affect his future in probably a worse way. But to put him on assistance where he doesn't have to work would seal his fate in the substance abuse world. He would, I'm fairly certain, slowly drink himself to death.

But this is probably moot, I'm fairly certain he'll decline to try the armed forces. He can't hold a job, never could. So that really only leaves the public assistance option.

We'll see how the next few days play out.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Kyle isn't spending much time around here any more. He's going crazy, and wants to be back in his apartment. We know he's still drinking, we found evidence around here. That, combined with his pain meds is NOT a good idea, but we haven't seen him in a few days now. He stays at his apartment at night, and we think comes home (our home) during the day to eat and use the computer. I don't mind that, but we're still worried about him.

My wife found an organization called NAMI - National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. We are going to a meeting this week. We are looking for guidance from them. We want one of two things to happen: Either Kyle tries to get into the service, probably the Army. This is our top choice. I think they can teach him the discipline that could drive the rest of his life. We hope. Our second option is to help him be declared mentally ill, so he's eligible for social security and or medicaid. He would then earn an income, they help him get a job, and help him acquire the skills he'll need to survive in the world.

We'll let you know how it goes.