Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kyle Update

Our 21 year old bipolar son, Kyle, has been gone now since Thursday night - Friday morning. This isn't unusual, when things get too stressful for him, he disappears. We assume he goes on a bender, and usually comes back after 2 or 3 days. But he's not usually gone this long. We're a little concerned.

His girlfriend has been calling several times a day, she is very worried. She got some very mean text messages that said they were from Kyle yesterday, saying he wanted to break up, and being very mean. Karen told the girlfriend that Kyle would never do that, and he wouldn't. He's as compassionate as they come, and would NEVER knowingly hurt anyone's feelings. But she's scared, and hurt, and we don't blame her.

We've gotten some clues from various people so we know he's still alive (that really is a concern of ours), and he may be staying with a few different people. But he's not working, has no money, and is a sloppy drunk, so nobody will tolerate him for too long.

We get angry having him around the house, as he creates messes and is not respectful of our house or property, yet we miss him and worry when he's gone. That's the nature of a parent, I guess.

oh my... i've finally seen my family's life through your words. I could feel the anxiety, exhaustion all over again. For the moment our 21 year old son has a job (we went to Voc Rehab for support on his job). The service is as good as the caseworker. Our son has to agree to a plan and work it which includes counseling. He is adamantly against medications although for years he self medicated. He was over medicated by a psychiatrist & now he has an adversion to both. He has been open to accupuncture & vitamin therapy... not perfect, but an attempt.
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