Sunday, November 27, 2005

Kyle called today and talked to Karen, as I was at work. He had his first psych consult, and guess what? Manic Depression. Finally a diagnosis that makes sense. I don't know if he's BP 1 or 2, Karen didn't think to ask him. They prescribed 2 things, Seroquel and one other. I think that's great for him, I didn't feel like drinking at ALL when I was on Seroquel. They impressed on him how important it is that he stays on his meds, as he told Karen that he understood that if he missed, he's basically starting over again. And that's pretty close to true. He's motivated, he's glad to be there, we really hope this sticks.

Kyle has had several screenings, and has NEVER been diagnosed bipolar. But for anyone who knows him, it's as clear as the nose on his face. He is incredibly intelligent, and is quite adept at telling people what they want to hear, or what Kyle wants them to hear. But you would think a mental health professional would be able to see through this, especially with our input and history. But none of the psychiatrists he's seen has diagnosed him until today.

We're all excited that things are turning around for him.

Isn't it funny how a diagnosis can be good news? Those who have suffered from a mental illness, even a physical illness without a diagnosis are at such a loss. This is validation. If you'd like, I can send you a list of famous bipolar people & maybe you can print it at work & show him. It's amazing.
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