Friday, September 30, 2005

(You may not be able to see the above picture - blogger images don't pass through some firewalls)

I'm not trying to offend ayone, and I hope this isn't too graphic. But I want to show that this isn't just a schoolyard whipping.

No charges will be filed, the prosecuter doesn't think there's enough evidence to build a case, given the witnesses on both sides.

So, another lesson learned, and we move on.

Oh, I've received many 3am phone calls. You poor person, and poor Kyle, I don't understand how people can be so evil. I hope he fully recovers & does so soon. My prayers are with you.

I found your blog searching 'bipolar' on blogger. I'd like to invite you to our bipolar blogger's webring. If you want more info, I have a blog just for that:, it has instructions & a link to join.
I hope you will consider it.
Thanks Jane, I'll check that out.
There is absolutely NO EXCUSE in something like this happening; it makes me horribly angry just seeing the photo...I'm glad you posted it, because I think others should see it.
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