Monday, December 08, 2003

Karen here. As you read from Jon, Kyle is out. I am frustrated by his actions but I am trying to understand this mental illness. It is frustrating because no matter what he does he doesn't seem to feel any remorse. He doesn't seem to have a conscience at all. He is loving and cares what people think but does what he wants to do anyway.

I know he is staying at his friend's house up the street but I don't know how long that will last. I hope he comes home before Christmas.

My girlfriend called me today. Her son was hit by a driver without insurance. Her sister told her how unlucky she was. I told her not to believe it because people have said similiar things about our family. I feel blessed by all of our children. I went to a very nice theatre in our city to see the Nutcracker on Saturday with my daughter's brownie troop. The other mothers talked about how beautiful the theatre was. Our youngest son performed there for the play "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat" and Kyle was in a couple of shows there for various groups. Debbie Gibson wrote to our son for a while and he got to perform with the Osmond brothers. Our life is not always perfect but it is never boring. I go to bed each night exhausted but happy.

I was frustrated with Kyle this year. I lost a lot of weight when he was in jail. But the determination that he is bipolar answered a lot of questions. And Jon and I came through this year closer, I believe. With the support of each other, friends, family, and most of all Jesus Christ I think we are much stronger. I know that consequences are the only thing that really affect Kyle. And while Jon and I don't always agree on consequences we do support each other. I feel very blessed to have him. We married young (20 and 21.) I was absolutely crazy in love and still am.

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