Monday, December 15, 2003

Jon here today.

Well, this is pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Since the last time we kicked him out, I had really hoped and planned on Kyle repenting before Christmas, and we would all have a big happy Christmas with Kyle moving back in, and everything’s peachy.

Karen had told me she suspects Kyle has a key, and has been coming in the house during the day when we’re gone. I wanted to follow up on this, and came home today over the noon hour. I found Kyle in one of our kid’s room, hiding from me in a closet. He had been using the computer in that room, and had been playing with himself when he heard me coming. Fortunately, I didn’t find any porn on the system, but he’s getting better at covering his tracks. From what I found in that bedroom, he had been going through the drawers in our bedroom. I also found my good watch, a gift from my oldest son, in the bathroom. I did NOT leave that watch there. When Kyle left, he was hiding something from me, and refused to show me what it was.

He has been crawling in the little vent basement window in his bedroom. And now this window is cracked. He ripped out the screen, and cracked the window so he could crawl in.

I don’t mind providing him a place to live, but when he starts going through OUR drawers, and doesn’t respect other family member’s privacy and property, it’s all over.

So how far do I take this? Do I report a break-in to the police? Do I request they drive by our house regularly? If so, they’ll see him walking in the neighborhood and will stop him. If they search him they’ll likely find drugs or paraphernalia, and he’s back in jail again. I don’t want that, but I do want to be able to live without having to worry about this. The least of my worries are the viruses and trojan horses from all the porn he downloads to our computers. The greater worry is that we’re on some list somewhere and at some point we get raided and have our computers seized, and I’m jailed for porn or something. Or that he’s making drug deals out of our house, and our family is at risk for that reason. I love this kid as a father loves any child, but I am really sick of having to deal with this.

Then I think about parents with other mentally or physically handicapped kids, and they don’t turn their backs on those kids. Kyle DOES have a mental problem, of that I’m convinced. But what are my responsibilities as a concerned parent? As a Christian parent? He’s 19, but they say with a bipolar child subtract 5 or so years for an “effective” age. If so, am I turning a 14 year old kid to the streets?

I really need to talk to Karen about this, and we will REALLY need to hold together on this one.

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