Monday, December 08, 2003

Jon here today.

Well, we had to kick Kyle out again today.

Why is it so difficult to follow a FEW SIMPLE RULES?

We told him NO DRUGS.
We told him to pick up after himself.

Other than that, we really set no rules.

This morning the house was trashed. Papers all over, food and food wrappers all over the kitchen, dishes all over the kitchen and the rec room. I talked to Karen and told her we were going to have to come down hard on Kyle and insist that life with him be no more work than life without him. Karen went to his downstairs bedroom to talk to him about this, and gathered up a bunch more dishes. There were cigarette butts in many of the glasses. Irritated, she dumped the butts out on his dresser and brought them upstairs to show me. I looked in one of the glasses, and what was there? A roach. The stub of a smoked marijuana joint. The kid not only was too lazy to go outside to smoke cigarettes, he was too lazy to go outside to smoke a joint. He tried to tell us it wasn’t his, but if he let anybody else in our house to smoke a joint, he’s every bit as guilty as if he did it himself. Besides that, we found other paraphernalia. A homemade pipe made from foil, and toilet paper tubes stuffed with fabric softener sheets. They use those to blow smoke through, it filters it so you can't smell it.

We told him he would have to leave and he started yelling and swearing “F*** this” and “F*** that” and “F*** you”. We left him alone, and in an hour or so, he was gone. Still with an attitude a mile wide.

So here it is, 2 weeks before Christmas, December in the midwest, cold, and he’s on his own.

In my opinion, we really had no choice, though.

Once again I really hope we did the right thing.

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