Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Jon here today.

Karen and I talked last night, and we feel it’s time to wrap this up.

We talked about how we have 5 wonderful children, yet one of those children seems to take 75% of our time. This child dominates our thoughts, worries, and available time. Why have we allowed this child to consume so much of our lives, and so much of the time our other children deserve?

We have accomplished our role as parents. Kyle is an adult. We (Karen, actually) got him through high school. It was like pulling a semi uphill, but she got it done. We gave him every opportunity we were able to give him as a child, exposed him to as much as we could, from sports to arts to academic to social activities. He was NOT lacking as a child.

Why are we dedicating this blog, and more time, to Kyle? Why not a web site about our oldest son, who set a goal to attend an excellent out of state college, is excelling academically, president of his house, a growing and maturing future leader? Why not about our youngest son, an excellent athlete, who has the most extraordinary personality and people skills that God could ever give a human being? Why not about our oldest daughter, tall, blonde, strikingingly beautiful even at her young age, the smartest in her class, performing with a touring singing group? Or our youngest, the sparkplug cutie who hasn’t started shool yet, but whose company we enjoy as much as any adult friend?

We’re not going to abandon Kyle, but he’s an adult. He’s on his own. It’s sink or swim time. If he needs our help with something, we’ll talk about it. We’ll help him as we can, with what time we can give to him. But it’s time to reclaim OUR lives, and give our other children the time THEY deserve.

It’s very possible we may never blog again, or something may come up that motivates us to write again. But most likely, we’re done.

Thanks to all for your prayers and support. Continue to keep Kyle in your prayers. We will look in on our e-mail from time to time, but don’t be offended if we don’t immediately respond. This last year is a chapter in our lives that’s closing, and we’re moving forward. Overdue, and much deserved.

Jon and Karen

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