Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Jon back today.

Yesterday’s story doesn’t end.

Yesterday, after finding Kyle in the house and removing him, I went back to work. He actually went BACK IN the house, and took my watch, took our youngest son’s bracelets, including several WWJD bracelets, and taped up his broken window. I don’t know how he got back in, I suspect he disassembled the broken window so he could remove the brace keeping the window closed, then taped the window back together to hold the glass in place.

Last evening, he knocked on the front door. I was at work, and Karen answered the door. Kyle’s standing there with a big grin on his face. Karen laid into him for breaking the window, violating our privacy, and everything else. He stood there, and a totally shocked look came onto his face. He walked in the house, said he wasn’t going to listen to that, walked immediately downstairs and out the downstairs door. He was in the house for 3 seconds and gone. Karen said he was as manic as he could be. Why would he think he could do this to us, then we would welcome him with open arms when he comes to visit? I really don’t think he feels he’s done anything wrong. He had completely forgotten about it, and was amazed we would be angry with him for breaking in yesterday. Is this further evidence of a mental problem that goes deeper than we suspect, or is this just the action of a total and complete screw-up?

I just got back from checking the house. From the tracks in the snow, he tried the downstairs door, walked around the side of the house to the back, and found a note we left for him over the window he’s been going through. It doesn’t appear he went into the house today. He evidently read the letter and walked away through the yard of the house behind ours.

In the letter we told him we didn’t feel we should have to live under the conditions we’ve been living. We told him this is a permanent thing, but perhaps in 6 months we would enter into a discussion if desired. We told him he’s welcome at any time, provided he lets us know he’s coming. We told him we hoped he’d be around for Christmas, birthdays, special occasions, or just for dinner at any time. But to call us first. We told him to call anytime he needed anything, or if he was in trouble, and we’d do what we could to help him out, short of bringing him back into the house.

I don’t know what’s going to come of this, Karen doesn’t seem sure this is the best move, but she signed the letter along with me. I guess time will tell if this was the right move. I hope the consequences aren’t tragic.

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