Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Karen here. Kyle is back and his older brother is home from college. Kyle says he is going to Narcotics anonymous. He showed me a couple of cards he got. I hope he is. He is a lot of fun to have around. Jon went hunting for five days and I had to pick up our oldest from college. A storm was coming and I have an old car so I called and told him that I was coming early. Then I told Kyle we needed to take a road trip. Everyone wanted to go but I had to leave our youngest son home to go to school. We got there at 2 in the morning. I joked with Kyle and told him how much he would like to be going to school. The students were walking the streets. He went in with his brother and they both came out laughing. Everything seemed so perfect. We were driving home and they both kept playing music. I think music is a bond for our whole family.

I think the best thing for Kyle might have been his friends' getting busted. They are going to the na meetings.

The other day while I was working an old friend came in . She was one of my favorite people years ago. She has a remarkable spirit about her and is tremendously fun to be with. I told her a little about Kyle and she told me that she is bipolar. She told me to tell him the thing that helped her the most was something someone told her. You are not your mind or your body... you are your spirit. She said it made a big difference in her life.

Last week was rather hard. A friend of mine has a friend who had a bipolar son. He shot himself with his dad's hunting gun. He was having trouble with graduation requirements very similiar to Kyle. I am glad Kyle got that accomplished. I am so sorry that we didn't get to have his party. On our way home from picking up our oldest son, he played a John Mayer song Real World. It is about how real life is not like high school. I think it is a great song. He played it for Kyle which I thought was so nice.

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