Friday, November 07, 2003

Jon here today.

I'm worried things are spiraling out of control for Kyle. We find out bits and pieces of what he's been up to through our son who's 4 years younger than Kyle. Kids at school tell him they saw Kyle, who he's staying with, and so forth.

We found out he's been staying with his friend Brian - remember the Black Lexus from a few months ago? That's the kid. Brian's still a high school student, and so Kyle has to leave with him in the morning. Kyle spends the day sleeping in that Lexus. Brian was busted yesterday, with a couple of ounces of marijuana and a box of baggies. Why Kyle wasn't in the car when they tossed it I don't understand, but he wasn't. We heard this yesterday shortly after it happened, and we knew he'd be home before long. Well today he shows up. Karen asked him about it, and Kyle gives her a story. Karen searched him and found a small digital scale in his pocket. She tossed him back out.

A week or two ago, another friend of Kyle's vehicle was being searched by the police. I haven't heard anything more about that, but I have heard this kid was selling mushrooms.

Kyle's in neck deep, and I'm worried he'll be in jail soon.

We'll let you know if anything comes up, but keep him in your prayers.

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