Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Karen here. Things have been going pretty well this week with Kyle. He got another raise at work. I overheard him tell someone on the phone that he was going to try to get into the army and if he couldn't he would go to college. He also said that he could never imagine living in a different house than our old one but he really likes our new one.

He hasn't mentioned counseling. He has been busy working and I have been busy working. My mom is going to take Kyle to the bank on Friday when he gets paid to open an account. She will have control of his money so he won't spend it. He agreed to this because he has been spending and giving away every penny.

He helped me clean last Friday to get ready for my in-laws visit. I do have to say that no one can clean like Kyle. His mania is a really advantage in cleaning. He wouldn't stick around to see them, though. Jon felt bad but I understood. Kyle feels like he has to play act around certain people. He presents himself like he is in a play. But he has explained to me how hard that is for him.

He played football with our youngest son tonight. I can't even begin to explain how much I love having him around. He accepts people like nobody else. And yet he rarely feels accepted. Once we were driving in the car and I was venting about a relationship. Kyle said, "Mom, I know that person bothers you and I know you are right about her. but why waste hours going over this in your mind when you are only with her for a few minutes. You are ruining all of your time thinking about it." I thought that was such brilliant thinking.

We drove up to see our oldest son at college this weekend. He broke up a fight between two guys. One was going to hit the other with a baseball bat. He said that the one kid went nuts. He told me that I have him thinking that everyone is bipolar. I suppose I did for a while. Since we don't have any bipolar history in my family I have been looking at our history with a magnifying glass for clues. Then my girlfriend whose mother is bipolar told me that not everyone is bipolar, some people are just crazy. She has repeated that a number of times and it still makes me laugh. And it is pretty much the truth. I am not trying to water this problem down. It is just that Kyle seems to be doing better to me. He has a lot to overcome but then again, don't we all? Jon hates the word crazy but I love it. It sounds more positive to me than mentally ill. I always laugh at the politically correct word. Our kids have all been pretty smart. When I was a girl I was in accellerated classes. Then they were called gifted classes when our oldest was in school. Then they called them challenged classes. Now my daughter got a note saying that she has been put in a class for high achieving learners. Crazy or mentally ill. I think it is best put by a saying my mom brought me up with. Everyone is crazy but you and me and sometimes I wonder about you.

I will try to write more often. Our youngest daughter's birthday is tomorrow. She will be five and is so excited. And Kyle is home and life seems like a party (although one that is raided) every day!

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