Monday, October 27, 2003

Karen here. I am going to work soon but I just wanted to blog a couple of lines. Kyle wasn't around this weekend. The last day I saw him was Wednesday. We leave a tub of clothes on the deck for him, and he gets into them from time to time. Jon left him some money and a note on Tuesday in his clothes tub. We presume he took it. Then he showed up Wednesday and took a shower. Jon got angry that I let him in, as he took Jon's razor and who knows what else. He pops in and then out. Our youngest girl was upset because he didn't say goodbye to her. My niece is in town and I was hoping he would see her.

Jon fixed the lights in his room, and we're trying to clean it up a bit. Then last night I found on his dresser a piece to the garage door opener from our old house. He evidently went through our drawers, and took the garage door opener. I drove over there and unplugged it. I would rather that he come home and talk to us than sleep over there. The neighbors said that they hadn't seen him and they would watch for him.

It is hard to have him gone and hard when he comes home. He will come home and leave the house a mess. And he has no remorse. Then he disappears again.

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