Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Jon here.

Sorry we haven't kept this updated as often as I'd like. I'm significantly busier at both jobs I work, and it's really busy at my primary job. And Karen's working more hours also.

Well, Kyle has been gone for over a week. He still hangs around, he still hasn't picked up his tub of clothes on the back deck. I know he comes around, as the clothes in the tub change from one day to the next. We also found a lawn chair pulled off the deck close to the house. I think he hangs around here during the day. He was staying with a friend up the street, but the friend is still in high school, so Kyle needed someplace to go during the day. On Friday, I stopped at his job, and they told me he hadn't been there for several days. They knew he was going through some tough times, and they said to tell him they want him back, and his job was still waiting for him. I thought that was pretty cool. One of the employees said they saw him sleeping in his friend Brian's car, a black Lexus. Remember the black Lexus from a few weeks ago? He's the rich high school kid that sells drugs. I heard tonight that he's been sleeping the last few nights in this car. This has me worried - what is Kyle doing for this kid to be able to live in his Lexus?

He was back 2 days ago, and Karen asked him to cut his Grandma's grass. Karen said he'd come back that same night and we could talk. I knew she had given him the idea he could come back, and I asked what he had said. He said he was done with drugs, but wasn't emphatical about anything. He said he wasn't going back to his job. He wouldn't commit to another job, to helping around the house, to anything. I got upset, and told her he wasn't serious, and she knew it. She told me I didn't know how it felt to be a mother and go through this. We talked it out, and she knows it wouldn't accomplish anything to let him back now, so she told him no, not until he was serious. We haven't seen him since.

We're experiencing record high temps right now. But this is the midwest, and it could conceivably top out at 20 degrees tomorrow. It's not supposed to, but at some point soon will certainly get that cold. He can't be sleeping in a car when it's like that. With no job, he can't afford to live somewhere else. He will soon be either in jail or home. That worries me either way...

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