Friday, October 31, 2003

Jon here. Sorry for the lack of updates, but we really don't have much to report.

Kyle hasn't been around. He still gets into the tub of clothes we leave on the deck, but has made no attempt to take the clothes anywhere, or get any more of his stuff. So he's not staying anyplace permanent.

All through his childhood, Kyle collected baseball cards. His first hero was Nolan Ryan, then Frank Thomas. He has literally thousands and thousands of cards, including some valuable cards. We found on his dresser empty frames from a Nolan Ryan card display, and a Frank Thomas card display. He removed the cards. At some point he got in and took some of his valuable cards to sell. They're his to do with as he pleases, but it makes me sad.

He's still around, he was seen by one of our boys sitting in a vehicle in a parking lot yesterday with a couple of other guys. That means he likely is still living his drug lifestyle. His 15 year old brother wanted to get hold of him earlier in the week to show him his newly pierced ears, and get earring advice from Kyle. But he couldn't find him. The siblings in our family are really pretty close, and it hurts them that Kyle has turned his back on them.

I'm feeling a little sadness today - thinking about taking Kyle trick-or-treating with his brother. How proud I was of those boys, remembering how Kyle used to run between houses, and how careful he was to say thank you to everyone. He actually ran back to houses he forgot to thank and thanked them. He was always the most thoughtful child in that way. Now I have to stop, I'm tearing up...

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