Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Kyle's mom here. I feel very good about Kyle today. He showed up Tuesday and I was leaving for work. I stopped by the sandwich shop and asked if he would mow our old lawn. I picked him up an hour later and we spent three hours together working on it. I gave him a little bit of money. I asked if he had any and he said not much. He said he had loaned John a lot of his check. That is the boy he is staying with. I asked how he was feeling without his pills and he defiantly said, "Just Fine!" He worked as hard as ever and got the yard looking good. He is so incredibly strong. He loaded up the truck with ladders and helped me move them. He joked with the girls which I always enjoy.

Today I didn't spend much time with him but he mowed our lawn here. He worked at 4:00. I told him that I couldn't pay him but he said he didn't care. I hugged him. He didn't seem quite as defiant. I am struggling with accepting him for who he is but not tolerating his drug abuse. He is continuing to go to work on time without any help from me.

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