Monday, September 08, 2003

Kyle's dad here today. Such big news, I hope Karen posts today also.

We had Karen's folks over for a cookout last night in honor of her mom's 83rd birthday. Kyle showed up, and we welcomed him in and asked him to stay for the party. The girls were really enjoying him, and he was playing with them, and we all were enjoying him. We always do. I hugged him a couple of times and told him I was looking forward to the time he would be coming back.

After Karen's folks left, Kyle told us he wanted to talk to us. THAT was a shock - Kyle initiating a discussion. He asked us what he had to do to come home. He said he would do anything, curfew, church every week, take his meds, and while he didn't specifically mention drugs, he said something like "all that other stuff is behind me". I told him he was back - nothing else needed to be proven. It was the greatest thing a father could hear. It brought tears to my eyes.

Things are looking great right about now...

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