Friday, September 26, 2003

Karen back today, finally. I am sorry I haven't blogged. I have really been expecting the best and ignoring the worst in Kyle and concentrating on our other children. I have been working 43 hours between work and church. Plus September is open house month for our schools. So I have been working all day and I am running around at night.

My mom just left with Kyle. She dropped by to bring us some things she had picked up. I asked if she could drive Kyle to work. She is Kyle's biggest fan. I poured her some coffee and noticed that Kyle must have made it because it was very strong. She said that Kyle and her get along great because they both like their coffee strong. Then I showed her our new shower. She noticed some paint on the woodwork and said Kyle would never have gotten paint on the woodwork. He painted the inside and outside of their house.

I found a disturbing note that Kyle had written. It was about spending his entire paycheck and people using him. I questioned him about it and he blew up at me. Then he calmed down and said he wanted to buy a car today because otherwise he will spend his entire check. I told him he should give his money to Grandma to put in the bank. She won't spend it and she won't give in to him spending it either.

He has been working 40 plus hours a week and getting there on time. He has been more manic but seems reasonable. His sisters adore him. We were saying prayers one night. Amy was talking about all the things Kyle had done wrong. Her sister, who is very conservative and follows every rule, said, " I know he has done a lot of bad things but we need to forgive him and give him a chance to start over ......again." Having Kyle has certainly made me more accepting of people. And I think our children are, too. Even our oldest son who has been rather critical of people in the past has mellowed. Kyle has humbled me and at the same time makes me feel very wise. The storms we have weathered together have given me confidence to face about anything.

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