Thursday, September 11, 2003

Jon here, for a change this isn't a blog about Kyle.

I was going through our statistics for this blog. It lists search strings that bring people to your website or blog. Here are some examples of search engine strings that brought people to our blog:

Yahoo: completely uncontrollable 16 year who is breaking up the family. no hope

You can feel the frustration in this, can't you? And the statement "no hope". That's rather chilling.

Google: disappear manic-depressive move friends

I can relate. This is how I enter search strings. Another frustrated parent, at least in my interpretation.

Google: pill markings identify green dan

I have searched for pill IDs many times after finding meds around the house.

Google: Bipolar Wife SO support

Fearing I'm a touch bipolar myself, I wonder if my wife has spent time researching ways to live with me?

Working 2 jobs and raising a large family, I can't promise much time to anyone. But for those people out there in pain, or fear, or anything else we may have experienced ourselves, we are willing to listen. I can't offer much beyond that, as I'm not sure we have handled things well ourselves in the past, and I wouldn't presume to give advice. But if anyone stumbles on this site and needs to vent or know there are people who have been through it themselves, don't hesitate to drop us a line. Also listed to the side are other blogs, and several of those are written by people who have been through more than I can comprehend. Don't hesitate to drop in on their sites, and see if their experiences match yours. They are all wonderful people, who would welcome a message from others.

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