Sunday, September 14, 2003

Jon back again tonight.

Well, it looks like Kyle's going to have to leave again. When he asked to come back last week, he promised a lot of things. Meds every day, curfew, church each week, no drugs, and so forth. He has followed through on none of it.

He got paid Friday, almost $400. He has spent it all. On payday, he was very manic, and really angry he couldn't withdraw more than $100 from his just-deposited check. He refused to go to church with me Saturday night, and also with the rest of the family Sunday morning. Tonight he pulled up with some kids in a Lexus, he ran into his bedroom, rummaged around a second, and ran back out. Karen and I exchanged looks, and went down into his room. There we found 2 empty plastic bags sitting in plain sight on his dresser, both obviously having recently held pot by the smell, and a dinner plate with enough remaining to know he cleaned a bag on it. Also, he has not been sleeping this week, letting us know he's not taking his meds, or IS taking his meds but counteracting them with something like meth. One way or the other, he has not changed.

Karen wants to keep him around until after his psychiatrist appointment on Tuesday. It took months to get into this psychiatrist, and it's one of the things she's been clinging to. That's the way she's been this year, thinking the next upcoming major event will be the one that turns the tide. Instead, it always makes it worse. Graduation, first arrest, second arrest, jail, release from jail, trial, getting kicked out of the house, coming back into the house, and now, psychiatrist appointment. She's been disappointed so many times, and I know this will be the same. I'm OK with keeping him around until his appointment Tuesday, but I think we should tell him now so he can make some plans.

Damn. I really thought he was serious this time.

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