Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Jon back again today. Karen is somewhat depressed, especially after today.

Kyle went to the psychiatrist today. Because he's 19, Karen couldn't get any information. But when Kyle showed her the prescription he was given, Karen about fell over: Prozac.

For those who may not know, Prozac is potentially dangerous for many suffering from manic depression or bipolar disorder. It can induce mania. There have been many documented cases of crimes committed by people suffering from bipolar disorder and being prescribed a standard anti-depressant. Ditto suicide. When she found this out, she called back to the office, and was told that if they felt Kyle was bipolar, they wouldn't have prescribed Prozac. They said they felt he had a few minor depression issues.

Now, I hope nobody out there takes this the wrong way. But, there's a couple of potential scenarios playing out here, and none of them are pleasant. If today's diagnosis is correct, then we are, in effect, being told that he's been a screw-up for pretty much all his life. I'm sorry, but I don't buy that. If their diagnosis is incorrect, the medication could send him on another crime spree, or worse, cause him to try to harm himself.

They based their diagnosis on questionairres administered by counselors over the last few counselor visits, and on a 15 minute appointment today. They don't know that he has NEVER, even as a child, had regular sleep patterns. He would get up and spend the night playing as a child - he seemed to love having the house to himself. They don't know the manic and crazy episodes we witness all the time. They don't see the fits of anger that leave walls in our home punched in and doors broken. They don't see the drug use that he can't seem to avoid.

I'm trying to balance these emotions in my own mind. I don't wish him to be bipolar, but I think there has to be a reason for his behavior since he was a baby. If this isn't it, then what is it?

We sat down with him again tonight. We told him he's going to have to really watch himself for signs his mania is getting out of control once he starts on the Prozac. He is willing to try it, feeling the Zyprexa wasn't right for him. He did hate taking the Zyprexa. We also gave him 2 days to tell us how he plans to turn things around, so he can continue to live with us. I really don't want him gone, I love him dearly. The house is truly a happy place when Kyle is around and happy. And I don't want him gone when the Prozac starts to kick in. But I won't tolerate drug use or disrespect of my family or house.

Nobody said this parenting stuff would be easy...

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