Saturday, August 16, 2003

Sitting here on the deck of our new home with the laptop waiting for Kyle to come home. I just read my wife's post about Kyle's junior high school days, and it brought back a memory.

We still had our store, and I was 45 minutes away on the outskirts of town driving in. My cell phone rang, and it was Karen, and she was frantic. She was tending the store by herself. I was on the fringe of the phone's range, and the signal was very weak. Karen was trying to tell me the school called. "Kyle's been suspended" I heard. I shouted back (literally) "What happened?" She was really breaking up now, and I could only hear every third word or so. "He was caught dealing rocks..." The signal completely disappeared then.

I was left holding a dead cell phone to my ear, trying to connect, convinced that my son was caught selling crack cocaine. By the time I got back within phone range, Karen had already left the store and was on her way to school to pick up Kyle. When I got back to the store, of course I had to wait on the people waiting for us to open back up, and it was a while before my wife and Kyle got back to the store. Karen explained he was caught stealing locks from gym lockers. It was a prank, not a felony! I laughed out loud, and they both thought I'd gone off the deep end. I was so relieved I couldn't bring myself to even punish him.

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