Sunday, August 24, 2003

Kyle's dad back again. I had a rare day off today. Working 2 jobs, I rarely get a complete day off. I wrote for a while this morning, and let Kyle sleep late. Finally I woke him and told him this was the day we were going to get his room in order. Since we moved 3 weeks ago he's been sleeping on the couch. He just couldn't bring himself to get his room organized and unpacked. I think it was just too daunting of a job given his condition. He got upset, and said he'd do it himself, that he didn't need me helping him and going through his stuff. I gave in, and let him go at it. He worked for 5 minutes, and pulled one of his disappearing acts. That kid can disappear into thin air. It's after midnight, and he's been gone since noon. His room is basically done, or at least livable.

While unpacking and organizing his room, I found a bag of pot. Now this is no surprise, but he's been specifically warned about bringing drugs into our house. I have told him, in no uncertain terms, that he'll be out if he does it again. I've drawn another line in the sand, and he's jumped over it again. I have tire tracks over my back this has happened so often. My wife, God bless her, just can't throw him out on the street.

I'm going to tell him he has to find another place to live. I will put him up until he hears from the Navy and while the enlistment process is working. If it's a no-go, he needs to immediately move out. Grandma doesn't want him anymore, and I don't blame her. I'm just worried that if I put him out, he'll be either dead or in jail shortly. I don't know if I could live with myself if he ODd or died on the streets. But I can't live with him, for all intents and purposes, running our lives and controlling the family.

Keep Kyle (and all of us, for that matter...) in your prayers.

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