Thursday, August 28, 2003

Kyle's been gone for two nights now. He came back yesterday twice, and this morning at 8:00 for work clothes. At least he's still concerned about getting to work. I have no idea where he's staying, but I know that in the past when he's left he has slept under the steps inside apartment buildings. Karen is telling him he will need to make arrangements to get his belongings - he can't use our house for storage and go on doing what he wants to do. He can make an "appointment" to come and get his things, but otherwise he's on his own.

He knows he can come back at any time if he's willing to follow the rules. He was seen by one of our boys yesterday hanging around with people in the neighborhood. When he saw my other son, Kyle hid what he was holding in his hand. They were obviously getting high.

I have a feeling as the weather starts cooling, he'll have a change of heart fairly quickly. I hope it comes from within, though, and not out of physical discomfort...

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