Friday, August 08, 2003

Hello from Kyle's mom. I feel great because Kyle finally took all his pictures down at our old house. He will need to paint but that won't be a problem. My mom had him paint their two story house and a lot of their rooms. He always does a wonderful job. My parents say that his painting looks like a work of art. I was going to put off cleaning the carpets in the old house but Kyle said he wants to do them today. I rented a machine so I hope he can get it all done today. He went to a concert last night. He is like his dad in that they both love live music. He is talking again about the military. He had a dream several times that a bayonet was rammed in his neck. I told him that that sounded like a sign against it to me. He said he might take some classes. That was the first time he has ever suggested that. I am really looking forward to this school year. It is the first year that Kyle won't be going back tp school.


More history. Every school year was filled with anticipation and dread with Kyle. He always spent enormous amounts of his own money on clothes. The year he was sixteen he saved $3000 from a summer job to buy a car. He went school shopping and spent $1000 on clothes. I was absolutely horrified. Shopping brings him the most pleasure. He always overspent for Christmas. When he was working in high school he would spend the most money on his brothers, sisters, Jon and I . He did come up with the most perfect gifts. Two Christmases ago he bought so many toys for the girls that it was ridiculous. He then quit that job and had no money whatsoever.

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