Saturday, August 23, 2003

A glimmer of hope...

I took Kyle to talk to the Navy recruiter the other night. After the disappointing meetings with the Army and Air Force, we didn't expect much. Kyle had never considered the Navy, but wanted to talk to them after realizing the others wouldn't work out.

I wonder if the Navy would accept a slightly overweight, gray-haired, 40 something man with many kids...

They really painted a great picture! Kyle was excited, and frankly, so was I. If I was 19 again, I'd be asking where to sign. San Diego, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, oh yeah, the Persian Gulf, but then Hawaii again! It really sounds great. Of course, this young man did a great job of selling. I don't have any romantic notions of military service, especially in a time of conflict. But still, for a young single man, the Navy sounds great. They are pulling his test scores and his arrest record. We'll know first of the week if they say it's worth pursuing. If so, there's still a waiver process that has to be completed, and it's not a slam dunk. He could still be left out. Say a prayer for him about this.

Now the bad news. For regular readers, you know we just moved, and have been trying to sell our old house. Karen went over there the other night, and found that Kyle hosted a pot party over there. The air conditioner was turned all the way down, the house was 50 degrees, and it reeked of smoke. The kitchen was trashed - they made brownies and junk was everywhere. A real mess. No wonder we haven't had an offer yet! Grrrr! If the Navy doesn't want him, maybe I can pay them to toss him off the back of a ship. Just kidding, kind of, but it is frustrating!

An accomplisment: He is doing well in a part time job at a local sandwich shop. They chose him to be a "keeper of the keys" and he is proud of that. I don't blame him, I'm proud of that also!

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