Thursday, July 31, 2003

What a roller coaster the last few days have been. The bank really stuck it to us at the last second, and because we had missed a requirement in the committment letter they gave us, we had no leg to stand on. We had to take what terms they wanted to put together. We had to come up with an additional $7500 we didn't have. We scraped it together, but are really hurting now. Deposits, moving trucks, other necessary expenses you have when you move we can't afford now. We'll figure out a way to get by, we always do, but it will be painful. They took advantage of us bigtime. If it wasn't for the Zoloft I am on, I flat guarantee I would have taken off a few heads.

BUT: We now own a house we can happily own till the day we die. A beautiful house in a wonderful neighborhood. Like my wife's good friend Nancy said, it begins Volume 2 in the story of our lives.

Kyle has been such a huge help. He has always been our hardest working child. He may not always like it, but when he jumps into a task, it is tackled with complete abandon. He did disappear once today. My wife called me at the house and said Kyle had disappeared. The negative part of me assumed the worst, and I thought he would be stumbling back at 3 in the morning high as a kite. But, he was only smoking a cigarette in the back yard.

Isn't it funny how your priorities change? 2 years ago, I would have flipped out if I caught him smoking. Now, I'm relieved. It's not a controlled substance...

But talking about smoking, a year ago, the kid was in the most incredible shape of anyone I have ever known. Not a pinch of body fat, and was running marathons. In fact, he won his age division in the last marathon he ran. Now, he hasn't run for months. Funny, when he was sitting in jail, he would describe to us how he fantasized about taking off and running. No limits, go as far as he wanted to, then turn around and come back. But he hasn't run since he was released.

The move begins in earnest tomorrow. It may be a few more days until we check back in.

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