Monday, July 28, 2003

To all our friends and readers:
After 20 years in our current house, we close tomorrow on our new house. Not new, actually, just bigger. It's a wonderful 5 bedroom house in a wonderful neighborhood. And God has taken our hand throughout this entire process and led us along. I never thought we could swing a bigger house, but it has come together. The idea actually started just after Kyle was arrested. Looking back I think it may have been my coping mechanism, but whatever it was the process jelled. Kyle will be coming back to live with us in the new house, and I hope it works out. He wants the 5th bedroom which is downstairs off the rec-room, and I grudgingly agreed to that. I hate to put him off by himself like that, but on the other hand, he won't adversely affect the family with his inevitable sleep deprivation sessions, which are a symptom of bipolar.

What I'm trying to say in this off the track ramble is that we may not be updating for a day or two. Then again, we may have so much to report we can't help but jump back in here. But one way or another, don't stop checking back.

And help us out with a prayer or two to help things go smoothly. It will be crazy...

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