Thursday, July 24, 2003

This is Kyle's mom. I have one more day left in art school. Tomorrow I am leaving early and taking Kyle to the public defender. Then I go to work and he works also. I would like to have him go to another narcotics anonymous meeting. He stopped by today looking for his billfold. My mom brought him around 4:30 before I picked up Brett. Kyle seemed a little manic. I had a chance to hug him and give him his social security card. I'm glad he is not around right now because he would be going crazy. Any major change in our lives and he gets very manic. I miss him and I know he would have loved the art school as a child. The artist this morning had them make sculptures and paint with the technique of using just dots. He gave me a copy of a painting he did of Jesus with his head tipped back and laughing. I loved it so I made a copy for Kyle. This afternoon a lady came with a pottery wheel and had the children throw pots and do freestyle sculpting. I know Kyle would have loved it. He always amazes me with his creativity. The artists talked about Vincent Van Gogh and a couple of others that I know were bipolar. I wish he could somehow use his creativity and talents. He gets the talent from his Dad's side. We probably would never have had five children had I known about the manic depression. Which is probably best because we have great children. They all have a wonderful sense of humor. I love having such a large family. It is expensive but so much fun. Someone is always getting in trouble at the same time that someone else is making you incredibly proud. We always have a houseful of people and music going. Everyone has different interests and personalities which makes life so exciting. But we are very crowded and I am looking forward to moving.


Kyle was in only one fight growing up. He really got along with most kids. His dad and him fought but that was different. I always felt that they fought because they are so much alike. They both love music. Our whole family does but their love is much greater. They are both extraordinarily intelligent. They both have deep concentration levels. And they both stay up hours to finish projects. Kyle got into a fight with a boy at the bus stop. The boy's mom turned him loose outside, as she didn't like him messing up the house. He played in our circle quite a bit. The boy, Jason, was always making fun of people. He was making fun of an african american girl on this day. It started in the morning and continued in the afternoon. Kyle lost it and really beat him up. His mother called and yelled at me and so did his father. Kyle had been talking about the kid before so I knew the story. I told the mother about her son and she continued to yell about Kyle hurting him. She wouldn't listen to reason. After her husband started cussing at me I let her have it. I told her if she wasn't so concerned about her house looking nice maybe she would know how her son acts. By the end of the conversation I told her that I was sorry but I could have have beat him up myself. I never spoke to her again. Of course, Kyle made up with her son. It was a valuable lesson to me to keep my mouth shut. Her son was later removed from public school for throwing a desk at the principal and seriously injuring another student. I still felt bad that I lost my temper . I was afraid this was the beginning of a lot of fights for Kyle but he never physically fought another peer, even though he was cruelly made fun of about his ears. They called him ear boy for three years. I'll write more on that tomorrow...

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