Monday, July 28, 2003

Since we've started blogging, my wife and I have become acquainted with the most extraordinary people.

I stumbled across a blog called Eyesicle and have been checking in from time to time. It's written by a lady named Trinity who is a recovering drug user. It is so well done, and she is so good at putting her feelings down I feel a connection between her thoughts and feelings and Kyle's. I feel it gives me an insight to how my son may feel about many things including drug use, and how difficult it might be for him to walk away.

From an e-mail she wrote to us: "...I sat and read for awhile and must honestly tell you how heartwrenching your story is to me! Mostly because I can identify with everything, being bipolar myself obviously, and it has always been quite difficult to understand or see the point of view and suffering of the loved ones of a manic-depressive. It's neverending chaos and drama with only brief moments of serenity. I can feel the tension and suffering in your writings (both of you) and I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone."

Thanks to Trinity and ALL the others who have taken a moment to write. It does mean a lot to us.

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