Friday, July 18, 2003

Kyle's mother back again. I have had a hard time writing about Kyle lately because living with him (although he is staying with his grandparent's ) seems to be enough. Yesterday was horrible. After he cleaned out my account and came home he starred at me and it was like looking straight at the devil himself. He denied taking the money. It was like he was pure evil. And yet sometimes he does the most Christlike things. He could forgive anyone of anything. We are hoping to get him to go to a narcotics anonymous meeting. There is one tonight that I could go to with him. His next court date is on the same date as his pyschiatrist appointment which we have been waiting for for weeks. Now that has gotten pushed back to September. He goes back to the doctor on Monday. I can't go with him. So I talked to his doctor on the phone and he thinks we need to increase the dose. I can't help but wonder if that will also increase the price.


More history on Kyle......

As a toddler he had temper tantrums constantly. They were more like meltdowns. He couldn't make a birthday card for relatives like his brother enjoyed doing. They were never good enough and he would throw fits of frustration. This is at the age of two. He would come crying to me if he got grass on his mittens. He also did rather strange things like collect cigarette butts at the age of four and keep them hidden from me. He couldn't light them but collected them for some reason. He was extremely affectionate. He always sat right next to me. This lasted until he was twelve. The whole couch would be open but he would sit down almost on top of me. He would hug and kiss his dad and I goodnight and would ask several times, "Did I give you a hug and a kiss?" He adored his Daddy. I would say, " You are like me in such and such a way." He would disagree and say he was just like his dad. He had absolutely no fear of anything. His brother was afraid of going into the basement so he would go with him. My dad was put into the hospital and almost died. Kyle was staying at my aunt's but needed to spend the night with my inlaws. The day he came home he started stuttering. He continued to stutter for several months. He had some speech problems and turned five in April. I didn't feel he was ready for school. He had no desire to go. He would cry and say please don't make me go to school. So we kept him home another year. He went to Sunday school and enjoyed that. His kindergarten year was successful. He had 17 boys and five girls in his class. He did well and read early. More history tomorrow. . . .

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