Sunday, July 27, 2003

Kyle's mom here.....
I just took Kyle back to my parent's house. He asked to come over, and he seemed pretty good tonight. He put on our daughter's green pom pom on his head with a hat on top. He was dancing around with the girls. He was so much fun to watch. He also got some cds back from his friend and he said that he isn't much of a friend. I was glad to hear that because I know this friend uses marijuana. He stripped 3/4 of the stuff from the walls of his room in preparation of our move. He will need to paint because under all the pictures and posters and poems and prayers are more pictures and posters and poems and prayers. There are lots of unusual things taped to the wall like charlie brown cake mixes and strange brands of cereal that I bought at Aldi's.

I am so suspicious of him and then I feel guilty for being suspicious. He ran down the steps at my folks to hug me goodbye when I dropped him off. I didn't mentioned anything about him being bipolar. Then at dinner he brought it up. He said how in the book Electroboy the main character had to check numbers and figures over and over. He said that he is like that too. I didn't even notice it in the book. He showed me all the free samples of pills that our doctor gave him. I didn't mention anything about it. I'm trying hard not to dwell on it...


Tonight because I miss Kyle being home so much I would like to share a beautiful memory instead of a sad one. He never finished his art projects as a child. He could draw beautifully but wouldn't finish his pictures. Then one mother's day he made this incredible poster for me. IT had about thirty pictures on it and a wonderful sappy sentiment. The most incredible thing was that he finished it. I treasure it and it hangs in my bedroom. He is so genuinely sweet. His girlfriend of a year broke up. I don't really know whose idea it was. She wrote some hateful things about him on the internet. He didn't and wouldn't retaliate. I told him that he should have kept the picture she painted for him. He didn't keep anything. He gave it back to her. He couldn't even understand the concept of revenge. He was so kind to her afterwards. It really isn't in him to be mean on purpose. He once gave me the most marvelous advice. I was complaining about a particular relative. He looked at me and said, " I know that this particular person bothers you, Mom, but the way I look at it, how much time do we actually spend with them six hours a year at the most." " Why ruin any more time thinking about them." I thought that his thoughts on that were brilliant.

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