Monday, July 21, 2003

Kyle's dad back.

There has been an unexpected ramification of everything that has happened - the family itself has really taken a hit.

My wife and I agreed completely on this last scenario, if Kyle left that night, he would be forced to move out. But now, in the eyes of my wife and at least one of our children, it's all been my idea, and my fault he's gone. I have a wife who holds me responsible, and an adult child who won't talk to me because of this. I still think it was the only option we had, and even though I am being hung out to dry on this decision, I still feel it was the right one.

If anyone is reading this, make sure you are in 100%, complete agreement before making a decision like this. This has ended up being a major bone of contention in a 23 year marriage. I would recommend family counseling for all those remaining, and the bipolar one, if you can get everyone together.

Kyle showed up at the house Saturday for several hours, waiting for his older brother to cut his hair and give him a ride to work. I was not comfortable with this, and when I voiced my concerns, I was made to feel like a hard-hearted demon. As it turns out, Kyle went through our drawers, and stole the codeine cough syrup we found when we searched his room a few days before. We were going to give it back to his grandparents, from whom he stole it originally, but he stole it from us before we could do that.

If my post sounds bitter, I apologize. But it's tough to go through this without the support of the family as a whole. In the absence of this, I make decisions I feel are best, and live with the consequences...

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