Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Kyle's dad back today. Kyle's mom works at church all day today, then works her part time job immediately after. She is overdue for a post, and I apologize to all the readers that she isn't here. I'll see if she can't jump on tonight for an update.

I thought I'd write today about my relationship with Kyle. I've said before, my one-on-one times with Kyle were probably my most enjoyable of all our children. But nobody could bring out my anger like he could. I don't know why, but he knows how to push my buttons.

I have learned a lot from Kyle, and respect many things about him. I am envious about his relationship with Christ. He really seems to have a deep relationship with Christ. He struggles with his behavior, but you just know that Jesus is waiting with open arms to welcome him back. That's the case with all of us, but seems especially so with Kyle. He doesn't stray knowing this like many do, he really does try to live his life in a way Jesus would - his "WWJD" bracelet is truly the way he tries to live. He just isn't capable of living the way he would like, and this is the source of significant internal friction for him when he strays.

I respect the way he enjoys all kinds of music. While all my kids are open minded to various music types, Kyle is especially so. That's why the Cornerstone Festival is such a manic highlight for him. He will bounce from the acoustic tent to the main stage, to the hardcore tent, taking in virtually every musical style, and enjoying it all. And when it comes to music, he has a mind for lyrics like a steel trap. If he's heard it once, he remembers it. I can see him as a jingle writer or creative advertising person. He would excel at that.

There's much more I could say, but I'll save it for another day...

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