Friday, July 18, 2003

Kyle's dad back again. My poor wife is just wiped out, and I don't blame her.

A nice day turned bad. Kyle has a way of taking special days and occasions, and turning them into disasters. Mother's day was the first time he was arrested, and today, on his mother's birthday, he managed to make it memorable in a different way.

Grandma brought Kyle over so he could tell his mother happy birthday. He was here 10 minutes, disappeared in the bedroom, then came out and hopped into a car that had just then pulled up in front of the house. A black Lexus with heavily tinted windows. They were gone before my wife could do anything.

Worried about what was going on, she went into the bedroom, and found her purse open. Her ATM card was gone. She immediately called the bank and canceled the account, but a minute or two before that the account had been wiped out. Luckily there wasn't much there.

Kyle returned a little while later and denied any knowledge of what had happened. He finally broke down, and admitted he took the card and money, and gave it to the kid for drugs. The drugs were to be delivered the next day. I walked to the phone, looked at the caller ID, and called the last name and number listed. It was a smart aleck kid. I introduced myself as Kyle's father, and said he had some of my money and I wanted it back. The phone was passed between a few people, and finally someone said meekly "hello...." I repeated myself, and told him that I had his name, phone number, and license plate number. If he wanted to keep that nice Lexus, he'd better be back to my house in 10 minutes with my money. I got a scared "Yes sir..." in response.

A while later, two kids came walking up to our driveway. They couldn't have been more than 16 years old. They returned all our money, and we told them if we ever saw their phone number on the caller ID again, or ever saw their car in our neighborhood again, or if they ever had any contact with our son again, we would finish this discussion. We were very calm, non threatening, They were scared to death. Spoiled rich kids, worried daddy would take away the Lexus if he caught them selling drugs...

Kyle's older brother suggested he get involved in Narcotics Anonymous. It's an excellent suggestion, and Kyle agreed to it. I would be open to having him back in our house again if I knew he was really serious about fighting his substance abuse issues. Heck, I'm willng to try anything right now...

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