Monday, July 07, 2003

I am a mother of five children, one of whom is bipolar. For purposes of this blog, we'll call him Kyle. We found out about Kyle's condition in the harshest way possible. He ended up in jail. He had just completed his graduation requirements from high school which was a tremendous accomplishment for him and us. On Mother's day of 2003 he asked me to drop him off at a local discount store because he wanted to buy me a gift. I told him that wasn't neccessary. I went over to my parent's and waited for him to walk over. He never arrived. I drove home and about ten minutes later, Kyle called. He had been arrested. I told him I would be right down to pick him up and immediately hung up. It wasn't that easy. His bond was set at $1350.00. That's cash money on a Sunday afternoon, and it took us over seven hours to get him out. My husband was picking up our oldest son at college and was driving back. I felt so helpless. When we finally picked him up he looked so broken and ashamed. He said that we should have left him in jail. His charges were possession of marijuana, shoplifting, and assault. I felt our world had been blown apart. Little did I know that the worse was yet to come.

More history tomorrow...


Here's a book recommendation for today:

We Heard The Angels Of Madness - A Family Guide to Coping With Manic Depression
by Diane & Lisa Berger

I found this very helpful for it's interspersing of medical knowledge with actual history.

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