Friday, July 11, 2003

I am Kyles father, and this is my first post.

My wife is really struggling with this blog. We initially thought this would be therapeutic for her, and would bring in messages of support from others in a similar situation. Instead, we have heard nothing, and she is finding the process quite depressing. I'm encouraging her to keep on logging, that her insights, struggles, knowledge, research, and most importantly love, will inspire her and others.

If you are reading this log, drop her a line at the email address shown to the right. Give her a word or two of encouragement. Give her some additional resources she might not have, such as your own blogs, websites, and books.

I really think that in recording Kyle's history, she's reliving this again, dredging up that difficult stuff again. I tell her to add some positive to each post, to look forward to the future.
I won't give history today, but will cover a few current happenings.

I came home last night, and Kyle announced he got a job! In questioning him, it's actually an interview, but the guy on the phone made him believe it was a job. I will be praying that it goes well, and it actually IS a job. That would be such a HUGE step, and a HUGE jump in his confidence. It's at a sandwich shop, and he's really looking forward to it.

I have been trying to talk Kyle into learning a trade. With his perfectionist tendencies, I think he would make an excellent finish or trim carpenter, or something similar. He won't consider it, however. He considers a decision like that permanent, and will not commit to anything "permanent". He wants to do things with his life, what he's not yet sure, but things besides what I suggest. He really wants to join the service, but with his record and the fact he's on medication I don't think they'll take him. I don't want to hit him upside the head with that right now, so I'm trying to get him to make other goals and plans "just in case" the military doesn't work out. It's like pulling a semi uphill.

That's all for today, I may post more in the future.

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