Tuesday, July 08, 2003

The day after we brought Kyle home from the police station he seemed very sorry. He wanted to get an attorney. I told him we couldn't possibly afford it. We got in touch with his marine recruiter but he couldn't help us with the marijuana charge against him. Kyle became argumentative with me and his father. He thought we should hire an attorney. He started smoking marijuana that week openly. He would smoke on our deck and in his room. When we accused him he acted like we were being ridiculous. He would take off for hours at a time and we had no idea where he was. He was now receiving graduation checks and would cash and spend them immediately. I started to hide them. I was worried all the time. I would go to work and my husband would call and say Kyle had taken off. When I was home he would climb out of the window. Friday night, Kyle went out with friends. He came back late in terrible condition. He wasn't driving because his license had been suspended. But nevertheless, he was totally incoherent. I went to work the next day thinking that he couldn't get in too much trouble because he hadn't slept. When I got home from work he still hadn't slept. I was still angry with him but started working on his graduation book that I was putting together. His party was scheduled one week later at our church. We had invited around 50 people. We had discussed cancelling it but decided to have it. School had always been a struggle for Kyle and this was a major milestone for him to have accomplished. Around 6:00 he started getting phone calls from two friends. I told him he couldn't go anywhere because he was grounded. A car load of girls drove up. Kyle stood at the top of the stairs and looked at me with a blank look. I asked him about the girls. He said he would be right back. I walked down the hall to ask his brother about it and he had left when I looked out the window. Our older son, Brett, told me not to worry. After all what kind of trouble could he get into with a carload of girls?

More history tomorrow...


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